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Pocket Pearls Of Wisdom | 30 Days Of Pearl Positivity

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Pocket Pearls Of Wisdom - A Daily Dose Of Positivity In Your Pocket

30-Days Of Positive Sayings, Stories & Material Meanings Relating To ‘Pearls’ Delivered To Your Inbox. 

Add some pearly positivity to your life!


Introducing the FIRST of my NEW Pocket Pearls Of Wisdom series - a digital delve into the histories, myths and meanings of the gemstone Pearl - and the positive effect they can have on our daily journey through life!

Each day - for 30 days - you’ll receive a graphically illustrated saying or story about Pearls, alongside an explanation of that day’s saying or story. At the end of the 30 days, each day’s ‘story card’ will be available to you as a digital e-book.


What Is Pocket Pearls All About

Most people know me for my jewellery but I am also fascinated by the histories, myths and meanings behind materials and gemstones as well as sayings and stories. In fact you may not know that I’m also a trained jewellery historian as many many moons ago I completed a PhD at the Royal College Of Art in London. 

But it goes back further than this…I come from an Irish family where my granny had a saying for everything - and I mean everything! Over time, I seem to have become the keeper of these sayings - although I have to admit that sometimes the sayings get a bit mixed up and I’ve ended up inventing some of my own. I also love a good story!

My interest in the myths and meanings of materials and gemstones is possibly more obvious given that I’m a jeweller and am surrounded by fabulous gems all day! When I was researching for my PhD, I discovered that the obsession with the myths and meanings of materials (as well as sayings and stories) has basically existed throughout all time and cultures.

Throughout history ‘we’ have placed a high regard onto the meanings of materials as well as bestowing magical and medicinal properties upon many crystals and gems. Likewise we offer sayings to lavish wisdom upon our audience as a way to boost positivity and well being - and sometimes to ward off the negative.

This made me think about ways to ‘talk more’ about these myths and meanings and to delve further into this magical world so that we can continue to keep the stories and the material values of the past alive. The idea of passing more stories down is similar to leaving behind a sentimental piece of jewellery to be worn by future generations.

And what better person to do that than a jeweller who’s also a jewellery historian!


What You’re Going To Get

Welcome to my NEW Daily Gems Series - a collection of sayings and stories designed to provide a daily dose of positivity delivered to your inbox.

Starting with ‘Pocket Pearls Of Wisdom’ - this is a 30-day collection of sayings based around the myths and meanings of…The Pearl! Since I’ve called it ‘Pocket Pearls’ what better gemstone to start with than the pearl itself!

Each day you’ll receive a graphically illustrated saying or a story about the material property of Pearls. Alongside this there’ll be a description explaining the myth, meaning or history of that saying or story.

This product is delivered digitally via email each day for 30 days.

At the end of the 30 days, each day’s ‘story card’ will be available to you as a digital e-book


Want To Gift Pocket Pearls?

If you’d like to gift someone their own ‘Pocket Pearls Of Wisdom’ to spread the love of pearls to their inbox, please purchase your product and then send me a message with the recipient's email so that I can sign them up!

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