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Tourmaline - The Protective Shamanic Stone To Help You Become Electrically Charged And Attract Love, Luck, Success And The Power To Manifest Your Goals

Birthstone Of October & Libra & Given As A 5th, 8th 10th 17th & 28th Wedding Anniversary Gift

Tourmaline is one of October's Birthstones alongside the Opal, and the birthstone of the zodiac sign Libra.

Tourmalines are probably best known for their green and pink colours, but they also come in other hues of yellows, blues, purples and even black.

All colours of Tourmalines can be given as a gift for 8 years of marriage. Or give Pink Tourmalines for 5 and 17 years, Green Tourmalines for 10 years and Orchid Tourmaline for 28 years married.

I absolutely love tourmalines and have used many of the pink and green colours in both my collections and custom work over the years! The colours are fabulous and have a sweetie-like quality to them both in faceted and cabochon gems.

My absolute favourite property of Tourmaline is its ability to become electrically charged which allows you to wear it to literally ‘attract’ anything you like in both life and love! 

(Left) Gold Sea Shore Stacking Ring Set With Yellow Sapphire, Blue Topaz, Teal Tourmaline & Diamonds

(Right) Gold Sea Shore Stacking Ring Set With Teal Tourmaline & Diamonds

Origins Of It's Name

Tourmaline belongs to a complex family of ‘aluminum borosilicates’ that have been mixed by the earth with varying proportions of iron, magnesium, or other metals, to give a beautiful spectrum of red, pink, yellow, brown, black, green, blue, violet and watermelon gemstones.

The name ‘Tourmaline’ comes from an ancient Sinhalese word ‘turmali’ - meaning ‘a mixed colour precious stone’ - or ‘turamali’ - meaning ‘something small from the earth’.

It became popular as a gemstone in 1876, when mineralogist and jeweller George Kunz sold a Green Tourmaline from Maine to the famous Tiffany and Co. in New York.

Different Colours Of Tourmalines


The Shamanic Stone

Tourmalines are said to be great shamanic stones providing a protective shield around the body as it grounds spiritual energy and clears and balances all the chakras.

It was traditionally used to point out a cause in times of trouble, and to indicate a good direction in which to move.

Physiologically, Tourmalines aid in understanding yourself and others and so promote self-confidence and diminish fear. It banishes feelings of being a victim and instead helps you to attract inspiration, compassion, tolerance and prosperity.

Tourmaline is thought of as a powerful mental healer. It can balance the right and left sides of the brain as well as turning negative thoughts into positive ones.

(Left) Pink Pearl Marquise Necklace Set With Pink Tourmaline

(Right) Pink Pearl Frond Leaf Flapper Beads Set With Pink Tourmaline

Electrically Charged

This change of turning the negative into positive can be taken one step further as Tourmaline has the ability to become electrically charged simply by heating or rubbing it! 

When charged, it's said that one end becomes positive and the other negative, allowing it to attract particles of dust or bits of paper. 

This property of pyroelectricity (from heat) or piezoelectricity (from pressure or rubbing) was well-known to the Dutch traders of the 1700’s who used Tourmaline to pull ash from their Meerschaum pipes - they called the stone ‘Aschentrekker’, or ‘ash puller’.

In industry, Tourmalines are highly valued as electrical tuning circuits for conducting television and radio frequencies. They are used for their durability since high frequencies can be passed through them without shattering.

Whilst I DO NOT suggest you heat your tourmaline gemstones in any way as they will just explode!!!! You could try rubbing your tourmaline jewellery, tourmaline beads or a tourmaline crystal in your hands and see what you can attract with it!!

'Little Stars' Earrings, Charm & Ring Set With Pink Tourmalines


In its natural form, the striations along the side of Tourmalines are said to enhance energy flow making it a top choice for healing, enhancing energy and removing all blockages.

Tourmalines are specifically used to treat motion sickness. They strengthen the sense of smell. They assist in restoring lustre and shine to hair and nails.

Tourmalines help to release tensions. They balance the male-female energies in the body, can help in treating paranoia and are said to improve hand-eye coordination.


Green Tourmaline

Green Tourmaline - known as ‘Verdelite’ - has shades of green ranging in hue from pale light greens, to olives, through to dark forest greens! 

It’s said to be a great healing crystal of the physical heart, where you can channel its ‘electrical energies’ into yourself and radiate this energy to all parts of the body. 

For this reason, Green Tourmaline is said to be one of the important ‘life-giving’ stones with rejuvenating qualities and beneficial influence over all things that live and grow - especially plants and animals. It is said that Green Tourmaline carries the essence of the Plant Kingdom, and so is particularly conducive to the healing of plants. 

Green tourmaline is the masculine, or yang counterpart of the more feminine heart energies of Pink Tourmaline. For this reason, it is said that Green Tourmaline can assist in overcoming emotional problems associated with a father figure or other male forces in one's life. 

Or alternately, wear Green Tourmaline to enhance courage and strength, stamina and vitality, and also to stimulate a strong resonance with Divine Love.

Green Tourmaline attracts luck, success, abundance and prosperity. It inspires creativity, and may be used to project, create and manifest one's goals. It is a stone for energy and stamina.

For healing, Green Tourmaline aids with sleep and helps to quiet the mind. Use it to treat the eyes, heart, thymus, brain and immune system. It is a useful detoxifier and can help to reduce panic attacks.

(Left) Sarah's Bespoke White & Yellow Gold Dress Ring Set With A Teal Tourmaline In A Stripey Setting

(Right) Meabh's Bespoke Gold Engagement Ring Set With A Green Tourmaline & Diamond

Pink Tourmaline

Said to be an aphrodisiac, Pink Tourmaline will help you to attract love in both the material and the spiritual world!


Pink Tourmaline will allow you to trust in love and helps you to love yourself first before you can hope to be loved by others. 


This stone works through the heart chakra. It assists in physical pleasures. It disperses emotional pain and old destructive feelings. And it cleanses and synthesizes love with spirituality.

Promoting peace and relaxation, Pink Tourmaline connects you to wisdom and compassion and stimulates receptivity to healing energies.

For healing, Pink Tourmaline balances a dysfunctional endocrine system and can be used to treat the heart, lungs and skin.

Stacker Rings Set With Pink Tourmalines

Why Carrying A Watermelon Will Get You More Than A Dirty Dance!!!

I use lots of green and pink tourmalines in my work so an absolutely beautiful type of tourmaline is the ‘Watermelon Tourmaline’ - called this for its pink center and outer green ‘rind’, just like a watermelon. 

In healing, Watermelon Tourmaline dissolves any resistance to becoming whole. It encourages the regeneration of nerves and can be used to treat stress.

Whilst Pink Tourmaline is said to be associated with the emotions, Green Tourmaline is beneficial to your physical being. So combined they link to the higher self, and are believed to bring true joy to one's life and relationships. 

Now who doesn't want that?

Wasn't Baby initially mortified she’d help carry a watermelon in Dirty Dancing - but this later initiated the chain of events that brought her joy in dancing and her relationship with Johnny!

Luane's Remodelled Bespoke Gold Marquise Pendant Set with Emeralds, Rubies, Diamonds & A Watermelon Tourmaline 


All Tourmalines work on the heart chakra and enhance the perception of pheromones to produce an aphrodisiac effect. 

Specifically Red, Yellow and Brown Tourmalines are said to be beneficial for sexuality and the emotional dysfunation that can cause loss of lidido.

Whereas Pink Tourmalines help you to attract love, trust in love and love others as well as assisting in physical pleasures. Or wear Green Tourmaline for Divine Love.

So you could say that Tourmalines are a sexy little stone that all couples should be gifted!

Meabh's Remodelled Wedding & Engagement Ring Set With A Green Tourmaline & Diamonds


I love the idea of wearing Tourmalines so you can give yourself an electrically charged personality that you can use to literally attract ‘anything’ you want to bring into your life.

Wear Tourmalines to attract love, luck, success, abundance, inspiration, compassion, prosperity. Turn any negative into a positive and have the power to manifest your goals. 

Perhaps you want the green ‘plant kingdom’ vibes of Green Tourmaline and its ability to be a life-giving stone of rejuvenation and divine love. 

Or maybe you’d prefer some of the calmer pink vibes for peace, relaxation, wisdom, compassion and the ability to bring joy to your life and your relationships.

Sylvia Stacker Rings Set With Pink Tourmalines

wear Tourmalines for their shamanic properties to engulf you in their protective shield and help lead you in your next best direction.