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Everyday Elegance – Jewellery Collections

Inspired by nature infused with geometry

ALL of my pieces are entirely made by hand with love in my own workshop!

Inspirations stem from the repetition of geometric pattern softened with my unique stylised organic forms.

You’ll find white, yellow & red precious metals mixed with rainbow colours of stones and the pastel shades of pearls.

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Wearable recipes – Go Bespoke

Jewellery Made Just For YOU

I always say that every one of my clients has their own unique ‘List of Ingredients’!

I’ve told clients this for years! (I always say ‘I always say’ too!)

Let Me Create A Custom Piece Of Jewellery Just For YOU That Tells YOUR Own Unique Story!

My talent is translating YOUR stories into a wearable piece of jewellery thats UNIQUE to YOU.

ALL my custom made pieces of jewellery are made by hand to your individual requirements!

So whats your List of Ingredients?


Creating everyday luxury Just For YOU

Read My Jewellery Stories

Nuala’s Gold Curl Ring With Multi-Coloured Sapphires

  Nuala's Gold Curl Ring With Multi-Coloured Sapphires Nuala's Gold Curl Ring With Multi-Coloured Sapphires starts off as a gift voucher to Nuala from her family for a 'commission piece' for a 'special' birthday! I love when this happens as I really don't have an...

Silver Double ‘Frond Leaf’ Box Brooch With Iolite

Silver Double 'Frond Leaf' Box Brooch With Iolite This Silver Double 'Frond Leaf' Box Brooch With Iolite, was made years ago as part of a series of pieces for an exhibition. It's an early example of my boxy leaf-shape units which later developed into an...

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No of Years Making Jewellery!

I’ve been making jewellery for over 20 years!

I pride myself in producing a high quality, durable product that’s hand-built to last!

I specialise in high-end ready-to-wear collections and luxury bespoke pieces.

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