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Bespoke Jewellery & Remodelling Specialist

Bespoke Jewellery & Remodelling Specialist


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Bespoke Jewellery For Lifes Precious Moments

Handcrafted High End Pieces | Worn Everyday By All Generations | For ALL Of Life’s Special Occassions!

Where Shall We Go Today?

Everyday Elegance

Ready-To-Wear Collections | Inspired By Nature Infused With Geometry

Wearable Recipes

Unique Custom Pieces | Individually Created To Inspire You To Wear YOUR Story

Inspiring Journeys

Personal Jewellery Stories | To Showcase The Stories Behind YOUR Pieces

Wearable Recipes – Bespoke Custom Pieces

My Custom Pieces Are Individually Handcrafted And Inspire You To Wear YOUR Story Everyday

I don’t believe that jewellery should be ‘kept in a box’ – so lets chat about taking those old or unworn sentimental pieces and creating something new!

For years I’ve been entrusted to translate YOUR stories into pieces that are made to be worn everyday. 

Wearable memories that mark ALL of lifes journeys – from births to marriages, to special birthdays and anniversaries. I can make a piece of jewellery to help you treasure those special moments. 

ALL Custom pieces are made by hand to your individual requirements!

So Let Me Create A Bespoke Piece Of Jewellery Just For YOU That Tells YOUR Own Unique Story!

I Always Say That Every One Of My Clients Has Their Own Unique ‘List Of Ingredients’!

I’ve Told Clients This For Years! (I Always Say ‘I Always Say’ Too!)

So Whats YOUR List of Ingredients?

I’ve Also Been Told That Having A Meeting With Me Is Like ‘Therapy’ For Your Design Style, lol!

So Need Some Design Therapy?

Hi! I’m Sarah McAleer

 I Boast High Quality Craftswomanship | Years Of Experience | And All My Pieces Are Individually Handmade By Me

In fact, my work is worn and loved by 5 generations – from baby to great granny. And I’ve been trusted to adorn strong-minded women and their families for over 27 years.

Each of my pieces are individually handcrafted and mix my love of traditional goldsmithing skills with new technologies.

I create high quality bespoke jewellery collections and specialise in turning old or sentimental jewellery into new everyday luxury pieces!

I don’t believe that jewellery should be kept in a drawer, I believe it should be worn, treasured and admired. So I make heirlooms that you can wear everyday.

What can I create for YOU?

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Let Me Share The World Through My Eyes

I’m Inspired By Everything Around Me | My eyes are like a camera – Blink / Click – And I’ve recorded a moment in a visual image

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Everyday Elegance – Jewellery Collections

My Collections Are Inspired By Nature Infused With Geometric Elements And Are Ready For You To Wear Every Single Day!

I don’t believe that jewellery should be ‘kept for good’ so my Ready-To-Wear Collections are just that – ready to go with any outfit and suitable for everyday wear!

Inspirations stem from the repetition of geometric and architectural patterns softened with my unique stylised organic forms.

You’ll find white, yellow & red precious metals mixed with rainbow colours of gemstones and the pastel shades of pearls.

ALL Collection pieces are made-to-order with love in my own workshop and can be customized to your own requirements!

What Can I Make For YOU?