Yellow Doorway Photo 8451

Yellow Doorway 8451

Rustic yellow doorway – I was drawn primarily to the arched fan light of this doorway with its pattern of yellow wrought ironwork. For years I’ve been visually inspired by all things ‘railings’ – their rigidity, repeating posts and lines mixed with organic curls and pod-like finials. This semi-circle of delight even has spikes in it – my fav!

I love the peeling paint with its earthy tones – browns and neutrals of the wood brightened by the promise of something cheery with whats left of the yellow paint. The missing window panes contrasted by the glare of the glass still in tact. The keyhole in the wooden panel reminds me of an upside-down shamrock – the symbol I use in my makers mark!

What used to be behind the door?

Taken on my iphone in August 2015 , Benavente, Portugal!

#yellow #door #portugal #visualinspiration #visualsoflife


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