Victoria’s ‘Jingle Jangle’ Bangle in Silver, 9ct Yellow Gold & Amethysts

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Victoria’s Bangle in Silver, 9ct Yellow Gold & Amethysts

Commissioned by Dot for Victoria to commemorate the death of Willie, Victorias father (Dot’s husband)

Its true that as a jeweller I have made beautiful pieces for ALL stages of life – marriages, anniversaries, birthdays and births being the happy ones…but also divorces and sadly yes death!

After Willie’s death, Dot wanted to commission a bangle for Victoria as a commemorative piece and something that could to be worn everyday.

We used lots of sentimental jewellery in this piece – the gold and the amethysts were taken from old jewellery Dot had amassed over the years – remodelling the metal into the gold bangle and the gold settings for the amethyst elements.

The design features three intertwining bangles – to represent Dot, Victoria & Willie (the gold one) – and a further three rings which ‘jingle’ when worn.

Victoria likes bold shapes so we kept this piece relatively simple and geometric but with a hint of decoration and a ‘jingle’.

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