Silver Double ‘Frond Leaf’ Rattle Brooch With Peridot And Citrine Bullets

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Silver Double ‘Frond Leaf’ Rattle Brooch With Peridot And Citrine Bullets

This Silver Double ‘Frond Leaf’ Rattle Brooch With Peridot And Citrine Bullets, was made years ago as a gift for my mother.

It’s an early example of my boxy leaf-shape units which later developed into an ENTIRE collection known as ‘Frond Leaf‘.

2004-06-21 051  2004-06-21 053

This piece is made using one of my favourite techniques – box-construction. This is where the leaf shapes are hollow-formed and have a side wall with a top and bottom. This allows me to make a bigger, chunkier piece, which is lightweight.

2004-06-21 052 crop

I further obsess with decorating the surface of my pieces with patterns of holes and little balls, known as granules. In fact, my Professor in the nineties at Royal College (David Watkins), told me once that I must have an issue with ‘open space’. He said I ‘just couldn’t leave the plain surface alone’ and I was always ‘filling it’ or ‘drilling holes in it’. This is a trait that I still obsess over today. I am NOT a clean-line minimal kinda girl – I’m a decorator!!!

This ‘Frond Leaf’ brooch is box-constructed from silver, decorated with silver and 18ct yellow gold granules and set with citrine & peridot bullet-shaped stones. Some of the silver granules move through the leaf forms from front to back. So if you shake the piece it makes a noise, just like a rattle.

Little did I know then that this leaf-form would become a staple part of my style ‘elements’ some 20 years later!!!

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