This was a fabulous ring commissioned for Moira from Philip for their Ruby weddding anniversary. Probably one of my most ‘classic’ looking rings but there’s nothing ‘standard’ about it and boy is it a whopper! Each element of the ring has been individually chosen and each section of the ring hand made entirely from scratch. It features a Beautiful cushion cut Ruby surrounded by 10 diamonds.

The story goes as follows: Philip came to me with the idea of surprising Moira with a new ring but he didn’t really know what she might like and I was apprehensive about designing and making for a woman I hadn’t met. It was quite a substantial budget so I encouraged Philip to start by choosing a Ruby from a selection that I had brought in for him specifically. We then agreed that rather than making the ring and guessing what Moira might like, I would make a special presentation box for the Ruby to be presented in.

On a weekend away, Philip put the box on Moira’s beside table and to say she was thrilled is an understatement!! Then Moira came in and worked with me to design the ring she wanted. I was so glad that Philip and I hadn’t guessed her style as Moira knew right away that she wanted a big cluster ring. I remember doing the drawings and showing her the selection of diamonds I had chosen to go around the Ruby. She laughed and said they were too small – Oh how I love customers like that!!

This ring was totally hand built by us in the workshop. The band, the underneath floral style of the setting and all the prongs were made individally to fit the shape of the Ruby and the diamonds. Moira wanted each of the prongs to have 4 claws and the Ruby to have as little as possible. I can’t quite remember the statistics but this ring either took 70 hours to make and had 100 solder joins or took 100 hours to make and had 70 solder joins. Either way, it’s fabulous!!

(Philip by the way got a new golf bag for his Ruby anniversary lol!!!)