Sea Shore Curl Rings

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Sea Shore Curl Rings – sometimes I would love to keep everything I make and wear it myself, like ALL these rings lol!!!

Sea Shore Collection – these curl rings in aqua colours are all based around my love of the sea shore – the blues of the water and the yellows of the beach, mixed with the stripes of the water, pebble and a sparkle of diamonds.

These sea shore curl rings are set with a mix of sea-shore-coloured stones – vibrant aqua-coloured apatites, blue topaz, diamonds and white sapphires and were made exclusively for Celtic Crafts Gallery on the Holy Island of Lindisfarne.

The ring in the middle with the large round aqua apatite stone is available to buy from Celtic Crafts Gallery and you can order a similar ring to the curl ring on the left with the blue topaz from my shop.

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