Railing Photo 8635

Rusty Railings #8635

You’ve no idea how cock-a-hoop I am over a photo like this – it has all my absolute favourite architectural elements in it that I’ve been obsessed with since I started taking visual inspiration photographs over 23 years ago!!! This one was taken last year in 2015 and I can without fail say that I am still inspired by the same visuals that caught my attention when I was younger.

Rusty old railings – not everyone’s cup of tea? But for me I see blues and yellows contrasted by that fabulous cobalt blue sky. The repeating linear posts with their spiked finials is a design element thats featured in my own work many times over the years. The organic hoops and curls are almost a completed necklace design in themselves – in fact I think I’ve made a few that reflect these shapes and forms!

But this photo is topped off by the scrollwork at the top of the gate with the date 1866 – designed and made nearly 150 years ago!!

Good well made design lasts a long time!!

Taken on my iphone in August 2015 , Benavente, Portugal!

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