WINNING ‘Anthurium Lily 2’ Neckpiece 1995

by Dec 1, 19950 comments

1995: Glasgow School of Art

‘Anthurium Lily’ Neckpiece 2: Winning Neckpiece of The Goldsmith’s Precious Metal Bursary Award & The Blackburn Lectures Award; Silver, 18ct Yellow Gold, Blue Saphires; 22x15x1cm

The second of three of my early ‘award winning’ neckpieces based on my sketches of anthurium lilies and spikey cactus.

This series of pieces went on to inspire basically everything that informs my production work today – particularly my obsession with geometric versus organic shapes and repeating forms!

Even some 22 years later this piece is still sooooooo me and is still well enough made that it can sit beside any of my current work!

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