Spikey Line No_8932 – Digital Drawing

by Mar 20, 20170 comments

Spikey Line No_8932 – Digital Drawing

So this is Spikey Line No_8932 – Digital Drawing.

Its my first experimental digital drawing as I want to try out new digital techniques. I got a new toy, well not quite – I upgraded my very old ipad to a new one. I just found this great drawing app in the Adobe suite – Adobe Sketch. To be honest I’m not sure why I haven’t thought about using my ipad to draw with sooner!

I’m not even sure yet what to draw or what my style will be. I mean I know how to draw designs for jewellery and fill my sketchbook with ideas. But this is different, I want to just see what comes out. There is to be no end result to work towards. Its to be a way for me to just draw subconscious. Like mind-mapping almost.

So this drawing is a bit mental. Bright blue, emerald green, yellow, pink and red lines. Digital lines, crissy-crossy.

Perhaps this one really shows my state of mind at the moment. It will be interesting to look back after a while and see what else I come up with.

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