Minnie’s Three-Stone Diamond Ring Set

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Minnie’s Three-Stone Diamond Ring Set

This is a ring set I made for my grandmother minnie several years ago for her 60th wedding anniversary to my grandfather Harry.

The story goes that when they were first engaged, Minnie had a 3-stone gold ring but that sometime throughout the years it had gotten lost. Later she wore another ring with the three birthstones of her children in it but she never really felt that it was an ‘engagement’ ring.

So for her 60th wedding, the family all clubbed together and I made her this 3-Diamond ring as a surprise – 3 diamonds to replace the ring that was lost, (one each from me, my mum and my sister) and the gold from the rest of the family.

I knew she wanted something quite fine and she always talked about how the original ring had a slight twist in it. So I set the three diamonds in tall collets along a slight curve and made a fine curving matching wedding band to flow alongside it.

Sadly we lost Minnie (and lately Harry as well) several years ago and when her rings were first taken off her in hospital, as her hands were swelling, they went straight onto my fingers for safe-keeping – and I haven’t taken them off ever since. Harry and Minnie were together every day for over 70 years so its a lovely heirloom piece for me to wear – love, longevity and loyalty!

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