Mabels Diamond Ring Set

by Oct 26, 20160 comments

Mabels Diamond Ring Set

Mabel came to me a number of years ago with a lovely diamond solitaire ring that needed re-set and another old ring so we decided that they would be remodelled into a new two ring set.

We started with the big diamond and I made an elegant slim-line ring with the diamond being claw-set in a tall setting to make reference to the ring it had come from. I then made a double band ring which curved around the setting of the big stone.

On either side of the stone I then set the diamonds which came from Mabel’s other ring. These were interesting shapes – they were set in the original ring within round settings but when they were removed they were actually square old-cut stones. This seems to have been very common and I have had to re-set many stones like this. So I re-set them in square settings so we could see their actual shapes.

This is a really lovely 18ct white gold and diamond ring set with simple flowing lines.

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