Lou’s V-Shape Wedding Ring

by Oct 9, 20160 comments

Lou’s V-Shape Wedding Ring

Lou wanted a decorative wedding band that she could wear without always needing the engagement ring to wear beside it. It also needed to be ‘fitted’ around her engagement ring. Hence this lovely v-shaped ring evolved.

I get asked to make many ‘non-traditional’ shaped rings and fitted wedding bands are a common. Many people may have previously bought an engagement ring in a high-street shop and when then go to find a wedding band to ‘match’ often there isn’t one, or they realise that a plain band isn’t going to actual ‘fit’ alongside their engagement ring.

Generally I start with a drawing of the engagement ring and then I work out different possibilities of ring shapes that could work. As I make the rings by hand, you aren’t governed just by a parallel wedding band type.

This one is a double square platinum band set with 2 diamonds at the front – hand formed around to fit and match with another ring.

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