Designing Nuala’s Gold And Sapphire Curl Ring: Idea 9

by Jun 13, 20170 comments

Designing Nuala’s Gold And Sapphire Curl Ring: Idea 9

In Designing Nuala’s Gold And Sapphire Curl Ring: Idea 9 you can see we are deciding on a yellow or a green sapphire as the final stone.

Which shades does Nuala like, which stones compliment her oval stone the best? At this stage she has decided definitely upon using a small pink sapphire as her second stone choice. Its a really lovely vibrant pink colour and really compliments the sky blue colour of her sapphire.

So now we are debating wether Nuala likes green or yellow as her third choice. You can see that each of the green and yellow stones are all different shades. I like either of the colours but what does the client want? We wonder if using a yellow sapphire is too close in colour to the yellow gold of the ring band.

Nuala likes to wear lots of greens. So in the end we settle on green and we go for the round stone as we already have chosen a square pink one!

Nuala had a really lovely sapphire from an old sentimental ring that she wanted remodelled into a new ring for a ‘special’ birthday. Something that she would wear everyday, something colourful, something to show off her personality. I had such fun designing this ring. So many ideas – what shape would Nuala like. What stone colours could we add into the mix. You can check-out the final result here!

Which one do you like?

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