Designing Nuala’s Gold And Sapphire Curl Ring: Idea 8

Jun 12, 2017 | 0 comments

Designing Nuala’s Gold And Sapphire Curl Ring: Idea 8

In Designing Nuala’s Gold And Sapphire Curl Ring: Idea 8 I am experimenting with double ring bands, mixing white with yellow gold and combinations of stones.

On one hand I’m looking at the simplicity of a lovely sweeping single ring band in yellow gold with Nuala’s blue sapphire as the feature stone at one end of the sweep. At the other end another pear shape sapphire and then highlighted with a small square shaped sapphire and some gold granules.

Then to shake it up a little and to experiment with the ring form itself. I look at a double waved band using both yellow and white gold. My designs are almost ‘bow like’ in shape. The blue oval sapphire is still the feature but I play around with positioning other stone shapes in a variety of colours to see what happens.

Nuala had a really lovely sapphire from an old sentimental ring that she wanted remodelled into a new ring for a ‘special’ birthday. Something that she would wear everyday, something colourful, something to show off her personality. I had such fun designing this ring. So many ideas – what shape would Nuala like. What stone colours could we add into the mix. You can check-out the final result here!

What do you think – single or double bands?

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