Designing Nuala’s Gold And Sapphire Curl Ring: Idea 3

by May 24, 20170 comments

Designing Nuala’s Gold And Sapphire Curl Ring: Idea 3

In Designing Nuala’s Gold And Sapphire Curl Ring: Idea 3 you can see ALL the lovely coloured sapphires we are playing around with.

Rainbow sapphires. What goes with her sky-blue one? We have greens, yellows, pinks and purples? This is probably the most fun part of designing any ring. Playing around with stones. Its all very well doing a drawing. However until you put the ‘real life’ stones out on the table you won’t get a good understanding of shapes and colour hues.

What compliments each other, which stones does Nuala like best. These are all coloured sapphires in greens, yellows and pinks. However they are all different shades. Its great fun just to see them all together and start choosing the favourites!

Nuala had a really lovely sapphire from an old sentimental ring that she wanted remodelled into a new ring for a ‘special’ birthday. Something that she would wear everyday, something colourful, something to show off her personality. I had such fun designing this ring. So many ideas – what shape would Nuala like. What stone colours could we add into the mix. You can check-out the final result here!

Which one do you like?

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