Anthurium Necklace Designs 1995: Design Sketches

by Oct 7, 19950 comments

SB 6

1995: Glasgow School of Art
Necklace Designs Based on Cactus & Anthurium Lily 1995: Design Drawings in Sketchbook; Pen & Watercolour Pencils on Paper, A3

One of my early design sketches for a repeating unit neckpiece based on my source drawings of anthurium lilies and cactus.

Even some 22 years later I STILL draw like this – starting with outline shapes, ‘colouring it in’ and then I seem to have an obsession with colouring around all my drawings too!!!

I love the colours in this drawing – the rich jade greens contrasting with the bright pinks. Although this drawing later went on to be made into my ‘award-winning’ silver and sapphire ‘Anthurium Lily’ Neckpiece No. 2, wouldn’t it be fab if I remade this piece and tried to work out how to make the necklace in that fabulous jade colour!!!!

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