Alices Three Colour Gold Art-Deco Diamond Fan Ring Set, Part 6


Alices Three Colour Gold Art-Deco Diamond Fan Ring Set

Part 6…Alice’s rings – Making The Wires!!

As well as my organic curls and waves I also make many designs that are more geometric in nature! Alice’s starting point was to have a new wedding and engagement ring set based around ‘fan-shapes’ and art-deco forms. See what Alice’s rings looked like before I started HERE.

In this image I’ve taken my 3 ingots (from Part 5) of platinum, 18ct white and 18ct yellow gold and I have worked these into wire and strip. This process is all done by hand using a ‘milling’ machine where the ingots are rolled through metal rollers and basically forced through metal plates to get either flat sheet or square wire. It takes quite a bit of patience and strength to do this and so I don’t need to go to the gym and lift any weights!!!!

This process also requires a lot of skill built up over time and the number of years I’ve been recycling ‘old’ metal. It looks easy, but theres so much can actually go wrong during this process with the metal fracturing and fraying especially if any of the mix is contaminated in any way. You see you have changed the physical property of these metals – they started as a solid when I received them, then I changed them into a liquid and now I have to work it in its ‘new’ solid state. Sometimes the ingot has to be remelted if it has a problem and re-worked but over the years I’ve accumulated a number of ‘tricks’ to produce a ‘good bit of metal’!!

This may look a pretty boring step but its one of the processes that gives me the most satisfaction – producing a good looking piece of wire or sheet…and thats before I even start making the actual piece of jewellery!!!!

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September 18, 2016

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