Alices Three Colour Gold Art-Deco Diamond Fan Ring Set, Part 5


Alices Three Colour Gold Art-Deco Diamond Fan Ring Set

Part 5 …ooohhhh Alice’s rings – Starting Points!!

As well as my organic curls and waves I also make many designs that are more geometric in nature! Alice’s starting point was to have a new wedding and engagement ring set based around ‘fan-shapes’ and art-deco forms. See what Alice’s rings looked like before I started HERE.

In this image I’m working with 4 different types of metal. Alice’s pieces have all been melted down into ingots and now I have to physically make them into their new forms!! You can see I’ve started to make the first v-shaped band for the engagement ring, this is in 18ct red gold. This forms the basis of the whole design as the fan-shape setting for the diamond will have to fit into one side of the ring and then the wedding band will need to be formed around the other side of the ring.

Beside the red gold band are 3 ingots, a tiny ingot of platinum which will be used to make the setting for the main diamond and then an ingot of 18ct white and 18ct yellow gold which will make up the double-stripe of the wedding band.

This process is all done by hand and can take many hours to refine the gold, melt it into an ingot and then hand hammer and ‘mill’ the metal into the shape of wire I need to use. Its quite physical work but its a process that I really enjoy, a bit like alchemy where I’ve taken something changed it into a liquid and then reformed it into a solid state again but in a totally different aesthetic to what it was before!!!!

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August 28, 2016

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