Peach Doorway Photo 8725

Peach Doorway 8725

Doors – when I was a younger artist (cause you know, I’m getting on a bit now), I was obsessed with doors, doorways and knobs.

I have hundreds of photos somewhere in a box – all taken on a traditional film-based Pentax K1000 SLR. This is what I learnt to take photos with. I loved that camera! Those pile of photos informed so much of my early work – my box shapes, my patterns and my design styles. I’ll have to unearth them sometime and start scanning them in.

Nowadays I’m still interested in doorways, but I have to go looking for them. What I mean is, I used to literally spot a door I was visually inspired by a mile away and zoom in on the design of it. My eye was in-tune with what I was looking for style-wise.

I’ve started to ‘look’ again. Last year on a trip to Portugal, the little town we were staying in, Benavente, was old and traditional with lots of great architectural inspiration. Typically though, I hadn’t brought my ‘modern’ digital SLR with me so I had to shoot a lot of photos on my iphone – which, to be fair, is a modern photographers keep-in-the-pocket tool!

This is a great doorway – I think I spotted it because of its colour initially and then the swirly pattern of the wrought ironwork on the panels and the scrolls of the woodwork – all masked by a fabulous peachy coloured paint.

Taken on my iphone in August 2015 , Benavente, Portugal!

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