Luane’s Platinum & Gold Daisy Pendant

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Luane’s Platinum & Gold Daisy Pendant

I think this possibly one of my first pretty daisy pendants (from 2007) – not my first flower mind you, but the first time I made a multi-petal double layered piece – it may well even have inspired my entire Daisy Collection!

This one was made for Luane and has been re-modelled from a few of her sentimental pieces – some gold rings and long platinum bar brooch.

The inner petals for this pendant were all hammered and cut individually so that we could use the long strip of platinum from Luane’s original brooch – so thats 8 separate little units!

The outer petal was cut from a single piece of gold sheet which was milled from an ingot of Luane’s re-melted gold. Then we set the middle of the piece with one of Luane’s diamonds.

A very pretty and feminine pendant, great for everyday!

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