Lindas White Pearl Flower Necklace

Jun 8, 2016Bespoke, Commissions, Diamonds, Gold, Jewellerysmithing, Metals, Necklaces, Sapphires, Silver, Stones0 comments

These are Linda’s pearls and were made for a birthday many years ago – in fact I think this is the first box constructed flower shape I ever made!

Linda wears this piece ‘going out’!

The necklace is in white pearls with a silver and 18ct yellow gold box constructed flower set with a white sapphire.

This flower has rounded petals. Each petal is made up individually by hand using ‘box construction’ which is one of my signature making styles – then all the petals are arranged into a flower shape and soldered together to form one piece. The little gold granules are also made up individually and soldered onto the piece one-at-a-time! Lots of hours of work – but aren’t they fab!

Linda is my mum, she has over 25 years worth of my pieces – way too many lovely pieces – if you ask me she should share them with me more lol!!!!

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