Lindas ‘Pot of Gold’ Box Bangle

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Linda’s ‘Pot of Gold’ Box Bangle

I think this piece was my first ever remodel made over 13 years ago.

The story goes that Linda came to me with a ‘pot of gold’ – literally, she brought me a box full of scrap gold. All broken bits and bobs that she didn’t wear any more – broken chains, single earrings, pieces that were unloved. She’d kept this box in her drawer and just discarded what she didn’t want into it and had been ‘collecting’ the scrap for around 20 years!

Initially, Linda brought me the pot and wanted to give it to me as she had no need for it and she didn’t really know what else to do – this was before the days of the ‘We’ll Buy Your Scrap Jewellery’ companies – and she wanted to know if I’d have use for it!

I laughed and said that was very kind but she actually had quite a lot of value in ‘the pot of gold’. I remember weighing it and telling her that she had at least enough in it to make a bangle and why didn’t she think about having it melted down and made into something new?

Hence, my first re-model was born…I was actually more than surprised myself when I turned her unwanted broken bits and bobs into this bangle and as it was my first time reworking old gold, I couldn’t believe how much new metal I was actually able to make.

Linda loved geometry so we made a chunky square wire bangle with little moving box parts on it and the box was set with a diamond I rescued from a broken earring.

So what ‘pots of gold’ do you have that we can recycle and remake into a new beautiful piece?

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