Lenas Silver Jingle Bangle

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Lena’s Silver ‘Jingle’ Bangle

This is one of my first big chunky bangle remodels that I made years ago.

Lena came to me with a set of sentimental bangles that had been given to her by her grandmother from Borneo. She wore them everyday but they were particularly misshapen and battered looking. I discovered that they were very ‘soft’ and could bend easily and that was because the silver used to make the bangles was actually ‘fine’ silver – in other words it was pure silver rather than sterling silver which has had copper added to it to make it harder.

Lena wanted the bangles combined into one big chunky one that she could continue to wear everyday but would put up with a bit more abuse! She also wanted a decorative feature of some sort that would move around the bangle and make a noise. Lena loved big bold shapes so we kept this piece simple and geometric – a thick circular bangle was made and then using square wire we made several circular rings which ‘jingled’ as they moved around the bangle.


The metal for this piece had to be melted down and purified before we could re-use it – a small amount of new silver was added to increase its hardness and then I hand-milled the metal into the wires need to form the pieces. Making a big chunky circle might look simple but its hard manual work making such a think piece of wire ‘perfect’ in the first place never mind bending it into a perfect circle! This sort of job builds up ones muscles!!!

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