Kays White Pearl Frond Leaf Necklace and Matching Earrings

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These pearls and earrings belong to Kay.

Kay came to me in the early days after seeing a necklace which I had made for my godmother that she had admired. She wanted one of my box constructed necklaces featuring my Frond Leaf element.

Kay chose White Pearls to start with and we put the frond leaf pendant on the front of the necklace hanging from a bar element which is reminiscent of an Albert Chain and Fob. At the back of the necklace is an oval-shape T-Bar Clasp.

The earrings are smaller versions of the frond leaf pendant.

The components for this piece are made in Silver with 18ct Yellow Gold highlights and set with Blue Sapphires.

These pieces are all made individually by hand using ‘box construction’ which is one of my signature making styles. They are chunky yet lightweight as they are hollow-formed. The gold granules are made up individually and soldered onto the piece one-at-a-time!

Lots of hours of work – but aren’t they fab?

Kay’s pieces are well loved and the set later included a matching bracelet!!

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