Irenes Ruby Wedding Anniversary Ring Re-Model

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Irenes Ruby Wedding Anniversary Ring Re-Model

Irene came to me with a red gold shaped wedding band that she had had made for her nearly 40 years previous by my first teacher Graham Harron Goldsmith. The engagement ring that she originally had to go with this had been an antique then and she felt she wanted something more contemporary that would ‘fit’ alongside her Graham Harron ring.

This was an interesting challenge for me – especially as typically I make fitted wedding bands to fit complicated engagement rings and not a complex engagement ring to fit a shaped wedding band!!

Irene wanted to treat herself to a new ruby seeing as 40 years married was her ruby wedding anniversary and so I started to look at what shapes we thought might compliment her wedding band. Going with the v-shape Irene choose squares and we selected this really vibrant pinky-red princess cut ruby.

I worked with the flow of the wedding band and created a complimentary double-row asymmetric v-shaped ring. Its made in 18ct red, the same as the wedding band, and we set the ruby either side with diamonds which came from another sentimental ring of Irene’s.

It really is a pretty set – lovely rich colours and the ruby looks great set in the red gold.

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