Heathers Yellow Gold, Aquamarine, Yellow Sapphire and Yellow Pearl Jewellery Suite, Part 2

Part 2: Teeth!!!

Yup! You heard right, a box of gold teeth!!

So when I first started thinking about Heather’s gold and aquamarine pendant she told me she had some gold teeth and did I think it would be possible to use them in the piece of jewellery. She brought me about 5 teeth and I said sure, no problem I’ll experiment with them and see if I can melt them down and re-make them into an ingot. I remelt a lot of old materials for clients and a few teeth weren’t going to be too much of a challenge!!

As the design progressed I told Heather that I would need to add in more gold in addition to the gold for the teeth as I didn’t have enough to make the whole pendant and its settings. She said she had a few more teeth I could use…and the next day she arrived in with this box FULL of gold teeth!!!!!!! You can imagine my surprise – slight horror mixed with intrigue, I’d never seen anything quite like it!!

Now I should point out that the white teeth you see in the box are all plastic, no actual real teeth and no-one was harmed in the removal of them lol – Heather’s husband was a dentist and the teeth were about 40 years old!

Its not everyday you get presented with something like these…now you’ll have to keep reading the next few posts to find out exactly how I used the yellow gold from these teeth!!!!!

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