Heathers Yellow Gold, Aquamarine, Yellow Sapphire and Yellow Pearl Jewellery Suite

Part 1: Heather’s Clip-On Gold Pendant Set With Aquamarine and Yellow Sapphire

This pendant is based on Heather’s love for bold geometric shapes.

The starting point for this piece was based around an oval aquamarine that Heather had collected on a holiday – it was a lovey pale watery aqua-blue colour. Heathers second ‘ingredient’ was that the piece needed to be able to clip on and off a set of very yummy yellow pearls – in fact all of the pieces I have made for Heather have had to have some form of multi-functionality.

So we have aqua-blue and yellow as our theme for this piece – a great colour combination, very vibrant. To keep the design simple and geometric, I set the aquamarine as the main feature in a chunky hollow-formed oval pendant – I used yellow gold as it really warmed the colour of the stone up. To provided movement in the piece heather choose a complimentary yellow sapphire and I set that at the bottom of the pendant on its own so that it was free-swinging. The pendant then has its own ‘clip’ so that it can be hooked on and off her yellow pearls.

…now you’ll have to read the next post to find out exactly where the yellow gold for this piece came from!!!!!…you wont believe it!!!

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