Heather’s Lilac Pearl Necklace With Gold Drop-Shaped Box-Clasp

Mar 6, 2017Gold, Necklaces, Pearls, Tourmalines0 comments

Heather’s Lilac Pearl Necklace With Gold Drop-Shaped Box-Clasp

A totally fab piece made for Heather – a double row of beautiful lilac pearls with a drop-shape box clasp.

Heather came to me with a set of lilac jade earrings that she had had for a long time. They were set in red gold and had a drop-shaped piece of carved jade as a feature. She felt she never really had anything to wear with them and fancied a necklace to match, or at least compliment them in some way.

We started with some sketches and worked through a few ideas of what the clasp shape would be, how it would actually work and how it would relate to the pearls. I sourced some lilac and pink pearls and Heather chose the strands she liked – they are nice and chunky so the clasp needed to be a certain size to take the weight of them.

The clasp is totally hand-made in 9ct white and red gold and is set with a matching lilac pearl and a pink tourmaline. I made it so that it ran within the pearl strand and looked like a pendant. It can be worn to the back, front and side.

This piece is such a beauty!

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