Heather’s Bespoke Emerald And Gold Pendant On Black Pearls

May 4, 2017 | Bespoke, Emeralds, Gold, Necklaces, Pearls, Pendants, Re-Models, Shaped | 0 comments

Heather’s Bespoke Emerald And Gold Pendant On Black Pearls

A totally fab piece made for Heather – It’s a white & yellow gold clip-on box pendant with a big juicy sweety-style emerald set in it!

I’ve worked with Heather for years, her style is very geometric and she loves simple shapes but there’s usually a ‘bold statement’ somewhere in her pieces.

We started this piece by choosing the stone – Heather loves Emeralds and this one was big and chunky with a lovely jade-green colour to it. This then informed the shape we were going to use so we kept with the emerald-cut shape to compliment the stone.

The clasp is totally hand-made in 18ct white and yellow gold and features a removable clip-clasp so that it can clipped onto pearls or worn with a chain.

This piece is such a beauty!

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