Green Hydrangea Photo 3561

Green Hydrangea Photo 3561

Hydrangeas are my favourite flowers – just incase you didn’t know that already lol!

This photo was taken in my garden during May and is of one of our white hydrangea bushes. This ones just beginning to turn white – it started as a big head of lime green flowers and then the petals slowly turn white with a hint of pink at their tips.

In this bush, all the flower petals are pointy at their bases which is different to one of our other bushes that have rounded petals – these ones are reminiscent of the frond leaf and marquise-shapes I like to use in my work.

I take lots of inspiration from nature and love photographing flowers – so many vibrant colours.

Taken during May 2016 in my garden , Northern Ireland!

#hydrangea #limegreen #ireland #mayflower #visualsoflife


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