Forget snot Photo 3480

Forget Me Not Photo 3480

‘Ne’er Cast A Clout, Till The May Is Out’…

This is a familiar saying in our house drummed into us by my dearly departed grandparents. Some say it means that you shouldn’t ‘get your summer clothes out’ until the end of May but they said the saying was about the ‘May Flower’. Once the May flowers came out, you knew the weather was heating up!

So in May this year, the kids and I spent a lovely afternoon in the garden photographing ‘The May Flowers’ – and this tiny little Forget-Me-Not was one of them.

Its colours are great – powder blue mixed with purples and bright yellows!

I take lots of inspiration from nature and love photographing flowers – so many vibrant colours.

Taken in our garden, Helen’s Bay, Northern Ireland!

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