Fern Frond Photo 3507

Fern Frond Visual Inspiration Photo 3507

This photo was taken in my garden during May and is of a fern frond.

Years ago I saw these exact fern fronds growing in the garden and they became the inspiration for my entire ‘Frond Leaf’ collection.

Knowing the organic curls and swirls in my work, you will see why this curly unfolding stem would be visually inspiring to me. I began to study, not only the curled up frond, but the shapes of the leaves within and these ‘elements’ started to feature in my designs!

I take lots of inspiration from nature and love photographing flowers – so many vibrant colours.

Taken during May 2016 in my garden , Northern Ireland!

#fernfrond #limegreen #ireland #mayflower #visualsoflife


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