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Talisman Ingredient List Reading

Discover YOUR Personal Amulet(s) With My NEW Talisman Ingredient List Readings.

Let's find YOUR secret talismanic 'ingredients list' so that I can cook you up a list of amulets that you can wear in your everyday life to help bring you joy and happiness; comfort, protect and inspire YOU; and allow you to step into your boldness and power!

Let me explain...

For years I have told my clients that YOU have your own unique 'ingredients list' of stones, symbols and design styles. And once we have identified your list, I take those individual 'ingredients' and - with a little bit of fire and magic (literally) - I 'bake the recipe' into highly personalised jewellery!

These 'ingredients lists' are some of the most fun things I get to create!

What's in the ingredients list...

Each person is unique and each 'ingredients list' is different as each of our lives has a personal story to tell.

Through asking you a series of questions, I start with some basics - like your name and birthdate - so that I can find your personal birthstones and other symbols associated with YOU!

I then go on to ask about people or events that have meaning to you and I'll gather information around that too.

After this, it takes me around 48 hours to research your answers and put together your individual 'ingredients'

I then compile a list that could include personal gemstone recommendations as well as symbols, patterns and colours. It really depends on your answers and my research - but all are unique to YOU!

Here's what I need to get started...

  • Starting with some basics, I will need to know a few personal details like your name and birthday.
  • People - you can tell me about important people in your life, this could be a significant other, siblings or children.
  • Places & Events - you might have a certain place that has significant meaning in your life, or an event that you'd like to commemorate.
  • Favourite Things - and of course lets not forget about ANY of your favourite things - as well as raindrops and roses, this might be your favourite colour or a secret obsession that you have!

Here's what I do with your list...

  • I will take your list and research everything on it to find gemstones and / or other amuletic symbols or design elements that may represent your ingredients.
  • It takes me around 48 hours to do this.

Here's what you get...

  • You will receive a list of gemstones personal to you
  • You will receive a list of symbols personal to you
  • You may also receive other design, pattern, colour or word inspirations depending on what I have researched.

What can you do with this list...

  • You can use your list to start gathering your OWN PERSONAL amulets and talismans
  • You can turn your list into jewellery that you can wear

What happens when you purchase this reading...

  • After I have received payment for your reading, I will be sent you a form to fill out with a series of questions on it - this may take up to 24 hours depending on the time difference.
  • Don't worry the form isn't difficult, but it is up to you how thorough you want to be when filling it out. I need this to gather our source information. (Please note that I take client confidentiality extremely seriously and your personal information will be treated with the utmost respect).
  • I will then research my findings and draw you up your own 'ingredients list' - this takes me around 48 hours and if I have any questions I will message you.
  • Once I'm all done, you'll be emailed YOUR Talismanic Ingredients List!

How cool is all that? I think I want one for myself now ha ha!

Still got questions?...

Just message me at: sarah@sarahmcaleerjewellerysmith.com


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