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Sea Shore Shaped Stacker Ring | Yellow & White Gold 4mm Wide Flat Band | With A Blue Zircon, Tanzanite Or Yellow Sapphire Accent Stones And Little Diamonds

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My quirky ‘Sea Shore’ band ring in 9ct yellow goldset with a blue zircon in a white gold-topped setting, a lilac tanzanite or yellow sapphire as the accent stone and a pebble cluster of sparkly diamonds.

My ‘Sea Shore Collection’ is based around my photography and love of the sea shore. The blues of the water and the yellows of the beach translated into coloured gems like apatite, topaz, tourmaline and coloured sapphires. Mixed with the stripes of the water and pebble dots in a range of different coloured metals - yellow and white golds, or platinum - and finished off with a sparkle of diamonds.

This ring is made in 9ct yellow with white gold highlights. 

  • 9ct Yellow & White Gold Ring
  • 3mm Wide Flat Ring Band
  • Set with a 4.7mm Blue Zircon in Yellow Gold With A White Gold Top
  • A 3.5mm Tanzanite or Yellow Sapphire Accent Stone
  • And x2 1.2mm & x1 1mm Diamonds Set In The Side Granules
  • Made To Order


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