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Jewel Drop

The Weekly Jewel Drop

NEW! The Eye Of Sarah

Evil Eye Amulet Charm Pendants

Welcome to this weeks Jewel Drop! Each week I 'drop' new pieces or designs to showcase what I've been working on and whats hot off the bench.

This week its all about the 'evil eye' and I have TWO fabulous silver pendants for you set with blue topaz.

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Aye Aye! I'm Watching You!

Eye Of Sarah Marquise Framed Amulet Charm

The 'Eye Of Sarah' charms are inspired by traditional 'evil eye' amulets meant to be worn to protect you against all evils, negative forces and negativity.

In my blog I talk about each months birthstones and I detail the myths, histories and legends behind these stones. This interest in amulets and 'magical' symbols and materials stems back to the late 90's when I was researching my PhD at Royal College Of Art in London and looking at the history of children's jewellery. 

So much of the jewellery that was given to children had some form of 'protection' and amulets properties. This was mainly because throughout history, surviving childhood and childhood illnesses was often seen as a right of passage. 

One of the greatest protectors given to children was the 'evil eye' symbol as seen in many cultures to this day - and this was to guard them pretty much against 'all evils'.

Eye Of Sarah Framed Wheel Charm

After I designed the smaller charm, I knew I wanted to make a larger version and so this was piece was inspired by wheels and movements. I was thinking about the 'wheel of fortune' but I think it also reminds me of a ships wheel or a compass for direction. 

So in this charm, Sarah's eye will protect you whilst the notion of 'movement' will propel you forward into the future.

So I want to offer you my own eye - its all seeing, all artistic and with these charms its all protective! Wear them to bring positivity into your life, wear them to banish all bad stuff, wear them to know I'm with you and wear them to move onwards and upwards.

Love Sarah xo

Behind The Scenes...

Making & Designing This Weeks Jewel Drop

With all my designs, I like to build models and prototypes to see how they look in reality. These pendants were designed on the computer and then I 3D-printed out these plastic prototypes.

I am so happy with them. I think they are really striking!

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