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Wear Amethysts To Fall In Love Or Boost Creativity | Februarys Birthstone

Wear Amethysts To Fall In Love Or Boost Creativity | Februarys Birthstone

Amethyst is a variety of Quartz found in many locations around the world.

The presence of manganese in clear Quartz produces the stone we know traditionally as Amethyst. Additional amounts of iron within the crystals vary the purple coloration, with hues ranging from pale red-violet to deep violet and may be transparent or opaque. 

Amethyst’s have been known to fade in direct sunlight so care should be taken around where you keep your stones and gems. 

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Amethyst Myths & Legends

Although we might think of Amethyst’s today to be a ‘semi precious’ stone, to the ancients, Amethyst was known as the ‘Gem of Fire’ and was considered ‘precious’ being worth, at times in history, as much as a Diamond. 

The name Amethyst is derived from the Greek word ‘ametusthos’, meaning ‘not intoxicated’, and comes from an ancient legend….

  • The wine god Bacchus, angry over an insult and determined to avenge himself, decreed the first person he should meet would be devoured by his tigers. 
  • The unfortunate mortal happened to be a beautiful maiden named Amethyst on her way to worship at the shrine of Diana. 
  • As the ferocious beasts sprang, she sought the protection of the goddess and was saved by being turned into a clear, white crystal. 
  • Bacchus, regretting his cruelty, poured the juice of his grapes over the stone as an offering; giving the gem its lovely purple hue.

More interestly, Amethyst has a long association with the month of February and Valentine's Day specifically. Saint Valentine was said to have worn a ring set with an amethyst that was carved with an image of Cupid - aka the ‘god of falling in love’.

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Amethyst To Prevent Drunkenness & Connect You To The Divine

Throughout history, Amethyst was said to prevent drunkenness and overindulgence...

  • For the Ancient Greeks and Romans: they studded their goblets with Amethyst believing the wine they then drunk would be powerless to intoxicate. Amethysts worn on the body, especially at the navel, protected against inebriation and an over-zealousness in passion. 
  • Catholic Bishops: wore Amethysts in rings to protect from mystical intoxication. Kissing the ring passed on this protection and also kept you grounded in spiritual thought.

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In the spiritual world, Amethyst provided a connection to the Divine...

  • To the Hebrews: it was ‘Ahlamah’, the 9th stone in the breastplate of the High Priest; engraved with the tribe of Dan, as well as the 12th foundation stone for the New Jerusalem. 
  • To the Egyptians: it was ‘Hemag’, listed in the Book of the Dead to be carved into heart-shaped amulets for burial. 
  • In Eastern cultures: it was listed in descriptions of sacred ‘gem-cities’, ‘trees of life’, and used in temple offerings for worship. It was used to align planetary and astrological influences. 
  • Amethysts were popular in rosaries and prayer beads. They were credited with creating an atmosphere of pious calm, imbuing a sense of mental peace, and quietude.

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Amethyst Properties

Amethysts were reputed to:

  • Control evil thoughts and increase intelligence.
  • In fighting Evil: it was considered to be a powerful psychic stone of protection against witchcraft and black magic. 
  • For men: amethysts rendered them shrewd in business matters. (hmmm I’m sure this is also true for women!!)
  • For travelers: amethysts were worn as a protection from treachery and surprise attacks. 
  • For soldiers: amethysts protected from harm and gave them victory over their enemies. 
  • For hunters: amethysts assisted in the capture of wild beasts and fowl. 
  • For royals: it protected its wearer from disease and infection.

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In today’s world...

  • Amethyst is a stone of spirituality and contentment. 
  • Its known for its metaphysical abilities to still the mind and inspire an enhanced meditative state. 
  • Its high frequency purifies the aura of any negative energy or attachments.
  • It creates a protective shield of Light around the body, so you can remain clear and centered and open to spiritual direction. 
  • Amethyst stimulates the Third Eye, Crown, and Etheric Chakras enhancing cognitive perception and accelerates the development of intuitive and psychic ability. 
  • It initiates wisdom and greater understanding.
  • Its a great stone for wearing on the body, for use in healing rituals, and for enhancing one’s environment. 
  • It is a stone of comfort for those grieving the loss of a loved one.

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Amethyst’s For Creativity 

Amethyst’s have the ability to...

  • Expand the higher mind.
  • To enhance your creativity and passion. 
  • It strengthens the imagination and intuition and refines the thinking processes. 
  • It helps in the assimilation of new ideas, putting thought into action, and brings projects to fruition. 
  • Amethyst is a well-known talisman for focus and success.

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WOW!!! What do you think about all that? You can't really go wrong with wearing an Amethyst then?

I'm not necessarily sure I need to 'prevent drunkenness' but I'm all about wearing or giving an Amethyst for love and to enhance creativity!

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