These are Daphne’s pearls.

She wanted a necklace she could wear everyday and have the option of ‘dressing it up’! So I made a White Pearl Necklace with an oval shaped box clasp and clip-on flower pendant in Silver with 18ct Yellow Gold highlights and set with a White Sapphire.

These pieces are all made individually by hand using ‘box construction’ which is one of my signature making styles. The gold granules are made up individually and soldered onto the piece one-at-a-time! Lots of hours of work – but aren’t they fab?

Daphne’s Necklace was selected from the sheet of drawings below. She chose to have the Flower element as a separate ‘removable’ feature so she had the choice to wear a simple strand of pearls on its own and then ‘dress it up’ by adding the Flower Pendant – You can read about these designs HERE.

Pearl Necklace Design With Flower Pendant Pinks

Daphne’s piece is well loved and I know she wears it loads!!

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