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1997: Private Commission – A 50th Birthday Present For Johnny from Linda

Yellow Gold Hand-Forged ‘Curl’ Ring set with a Blue Sapphire & Diamonds:
18ct Yellow Gold, Blue Sapphire & x2 Diamonds

Commissioned by Johnny (my late-father) for Linda (my mother) as a gift for her 50th Birthday. A Blue Sapphire to represent Johnny (because he only ever wore blue) and two diamonds for each of their daughters, Sarah (me) and Louise (my sister).

This ring, made as a gift, represents the first example of my ‘curly’ hand-forged rings. I thought I made this ring in 2004 but when I actually dated the piece I was shocked to find I had made it as early as 1997 (nearly 16 years ago!!) when I was at Royal College of Art. Little did I know then that this curled-form would be something that would become a staple as one of my main style ‘elements’.

With the passing of my father in 2012, its lovely that this ring, commissioned by him, marks a family occasion but is now an important token to remember him by, both in terms of my work and on a personal level…miss you dad!!! x