Classic Curl Ring In Aqua Blue

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Aqua Blue Curl Ring

This year its all about my new ‘Curl Collection’ and I’m starting with my ‘Classic Curl Rings’.

My curl rings are hand-forged from a tapered length of wire which begins with a big curl at one end before meandering into a waved curve set with precious stones.

This piece was made in aqua sea colours for the gallery Celtic Crafts on the Holy Island of Lindisfarne. They are situated by the sea and so beach and water colours are popular for them. My favourite – I love to be by the sea and take so much inspiration from the blues and greens mixed with the yellows of the sand and the water.

This curl ring is in 9ct yellow gold, set with two white sapphires and a blue topaz.

The pale yellow of the 9ct gold goes nicely with pastel shades. What do you think?

You can check out what Celtic Crafts have for sale of my work on their Website, Facebook or Instagram.

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