Classic Curl Ring: 9ct Red Gold with 4mm Sapphire & x2 2.75mm Diamonds

Sarah McAleer Jewellerysmith’s Classic Curl Collection features Sarah’s most recognisable design elements – her signature curls and fabulous scratch-finish.

Our Classic Curl Ring has been hand-forged from a tapered length of wire which begins with a big curl at one end before meandering into a waved curve set with precious stones.

The very first of these rings was commissioned many years ago by Sarah’s late father, Johnny, for her mother, Linda, as a birthday gift. A Blue Sapphire to represent Johnny (because he only ever wore blue) and two diamonds for each of their daughters, Sarah and Louise. Little did Sarah know then that this curled-form would be something that would become a staple as one of her signature style ‘elements’.

Want to customise this piece? – please get in touch for details. This item can be made in any carat of gold, palladium or platinum and set with any semi-precious or precious stones of your choice.

All our pieces are hand-made to order with love.