Catriona’s Gold Bubble Wedding Ring With Diamond

Catriona wanted to treat herself to a new ring for her 40th birthday. It was a remodel to replace her existing wedding band with one big chunky band ring – something that she could wear everyday. She gave me the starting point that it had to ‘look sparkly’ without using any stones and she really liked heavy textures – and so the idea of ‘bubbles’ and ‘dots’ was formed!

McCabe Designs 1

I had a number of different sentimental pieces to work with and break down. A 22ct yellow gold sentimental family band which was a lovely rich yellow-orange gold colour; some 9ct yellow gold pieces and a bit of 9ct white gold. So combined I would have three colours of gold – orange, pale yellow and white.

I looked at different ideas and shapes for the wedding band – would it have parallel edges, would it have rims, would it be symmetrical, asymmetrical, would it have curves. A silver model was made to work out how to do the ‘bubbles’ – would they be flat, textures or balls and finally the ring design was chosen.

I used the 22ct yellow gold as the edge rim for the ring to give it a lovely outer accent colour. I used the white gold as the background metal and then the ring was filled with a random selection of white gold balls with a hint of yellow. Each of these balls is made individually and soldered into the ring one-at-a-time!!!! The ring was set with one of Catriona’s diamonds so that the ring could have a ‘frontal’ focus if required – although it is designed to be viewed from any angle.




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