Alison’s Wavy Amethyst Bangle

Alison was retiring and her business partner came to me a number of years ago and asked if we could make something as a parting gift. We talked about what she might like – their business name had the word ‘Amethyst’ in it so we already had a stone type to start with.

We decided to choose as stone for Alison and then allow her to come in and design something with me…I always prefer this when I’m working on a piece for someone I haven’t met.

So after going through some design ideas, Alison chose this lovely wavy bangle design – it has three waves of silver wires which curve at the front holding the amethyst set in a chunky box setting. Although the stone doesn’t travel too far, the bangle makes a nice ‘jingle’ when worn.

#amethyst #silver #silverbangle #wavejewelry #ilovesilver

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