I am an award-winning Irish goldsmith with over 20 years experience specialising in high-end ready-to-wear collections and luxury bespoke pieces.

Inspirations stem from the repetition of geometric pattern softened with my unique stylised organic forms. You’ll find white, yellow & red metals mixed with rainbow colours of stones and the pastel shades of pearls.

Originally from Northern Ireland, I am proud to be a graduate of Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s famous Glasgow School of Art and I hold a PhD from the prestigious Royal College of Art in London (1993 – 2003). I ran a Northern Ireland contemporary jewellery gallery, Gold-Digger 79, from 2004, before moving to experience the Western Australian jewellery industry in 2008– 2011. I returned back to Northern Ireland in 2012 and re-established my current studio from which I continue to develop my signature jewellery styles.

All of my pieces are entirely made by hand with love in my own workshop. What can I make for you?

Blaze your own trail! Create your own recipe! Wear your own story!

Join me on my jewellery journey!

Hi! I'm Sarah McAleer Jewellerysmith!

I'm a bespoke jeweller and jewellery remodelling specialist.

I've been handcrafting beautiful unique jewellery for strong minded women like YOU for over 25 years.

I don't believe that jewellery should be kept in a box, I believe it should be worn every day - loved, treasured and admired!

What can I make for YOU? Love Sarah xo

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wear your story in shades of jewels